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Старый 18.03.17, 14:17
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SSI benefit, beneficiary count like income?

Hi, all
I have a situation when Bank reported to SSA that my father owns 50K , which in reality is my money from my sole account, result is that they put stop on SSI $ and send us to hearing.
Setup in bank is like this:
1. we have joint checking account where all SSI money are handled, balance like $750 average.
2. I have sole Saving account with 50K balance, ** and beneficiary are my wife and my parent, which I put just in case, is something happaned.

I learned that Bank communicate this info electronically so it's hard to say what exactly they send them and how SSA interpret this info. I receiving monthly aka consolidated monthly statement where my father name is listed on title and checking account, but not on Saving.

I hope that its just mistake by SSA...and they will fix it upon presenting all info.

I just afraid that SSA counts fact that my parent being (was for 6 months) a beneficiary (with my wife) on my saving as some violation of they policy ????
Even logically it's not my parent money, it's my money and he can't get them while I'm alive, for now surely I took him out as beneficiary.
Tax form 1099 on that saving account list only my name too.

SSA want back that 6 month money now..
Anabody can give expert opinion on that beneficiary cosideration ??

Tx much
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