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Re: Казачки и красножопые.

Originally Posted by Solominka View Post
... I can't say that I read Serendipity's posts that carefully, since she goes on binge-posting. I know that she is pro-Trump, and so is Stud Becker here...

That's a surprise )) Where did I state that I was pro-Trump? "Пастернака не читал, но осуждаю"?

In fact, AA is somewhat right about my political education, that is "I don't give a flying kite" attitude. I find it funny how he is trying to fog a psychologist's brain and manipulate your opinion. I personally marvel your patience to reason with him (and some others) while he is spilling his guts here)) As far as my POV on immigration policy reform (for what you probably mistakenly took me as "pro-Trump"), AA knew about it from years back on other platforms, waaay before Trump emerged on the horizon for presidency.

"Jupiter, you are angry, therefore you are wrong."
AA, you're fired! (c) Say hello to your alter ego and "bro" - Serge.

I'll miss trolling you, my love.

Thus, I rest my case.
Это я убила Кенни...
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