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Re: Казачки и красножопые.

Originally Posted by AlteredApproach View Post
You know I do read what people write here( perhaps I should just ignore it?) and take it seriously( which I shouldn't). Snjerendipity's posts I've read and chose not to respond: she is misinformed, has absolutely no clue, and resorts to trolling most of the time. With Stud I tried to have a conversation, tried to reason with him, but never resorted to insults: he is probably old enough to be my father( not to put him down because of his age but out of respect). And far ss cab drivers go it's a respectable profession and an honest living. It's a "bohemian" profession for those who couldn't make it here as musicians and artists...))

No disrespect meant! but you can't expect everyone to have a Ph.D. in political science! you are the one who complains that your opponents are misinformed
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